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Jacob Reid Wuertz, Wuertz Comm Co.

Communication Design

Hi there. I'm Jacob, and visual communication fascinates me.

That's why I've committed much of my work to the building of eCommerce brands and their first impressions.

My work's taken me across a few industries, disciplines, and mediums - so if this all seems a little scattered, that's because it is. Every message is nuanced and beautiful in its own way - how could its expression be so simplistic?

Let's jump in.

Marketing and
Lead Generation

I know, I know - marketing is evil and manipulative.

And marketers will tell you that your message should be "simple," easy," and "relatable." But big ideas are, well, big.

You need someone to shape and deliver that message. Let me wear that hat for you.

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Print Design

Cocktail cards, outdoor retail catalogs, event flyers, and more. Print design is, though I don't particularly favor it, the backbone of design.

The intimate connections layout enforces between typography, color choices, and detail has resulted in some of my favorite work.

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Selling things on the internet really gets me going. I know that's weird.

But largely, I think this is the new corner store, and good eCommerce experiences can improve your life and make the world feel a little more connected.

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Web Design & Dev

My first love - I started my first commercial web project at 16 years old.

Since then, I've had a few good projects come in. Chattanooga Whiskey, Rock/Creek Outfitters, and Project Free2Fly, to name a few. It's the work I want to be doing.

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