Web Toolkit with Airtable

June 12, 2022


Driving traffic is a coordinated effort between Web, Campaigns, and Marketing teams. The team dreaded basic web functions like creating/shortening tracking links, monitoring A/B tests, and publishing quick changes. Installing Marketo forms on the site required a basic knowledge of Javascript and extensive testing to launch.


Using Airtable, Bit.ly API, and Nobull, we were able to create a secondary management system for the website's links. Users can enter their destination link, select the UTM parameters, and shorten the link in one application. Airtable's Page Designer app allowed us to generate Marketo form code based on a couple fields in Airtable.


  • Eliminated major data grooming and UTM errors
  • Simplified workflows for an average time savings of 4 min per user, per task
  • Democratized form creation and implementation, scaling lead generation capacity